Crowding, Spacing and Gaps, Overbite, Open Bite, Underbite and Crossbite
Lines and Wrinkles, TMJ and Myofacial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome, Migraine Headaches and Guumy Smile Correction

Preventative Services

Our Preventative Services include:
-Velscope Oral Cancer Screening
-Sleep Apnea Device
-Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
-TMJ Treatment Crowding
-Fluoride Spacing and Gaps
-Scaling and Root Planing

Restorative Services

Our Restorative Services are:
-Full Mouth Reconstruction
-All Porcelain Crowns
-Tooth-colored Fillings
-Minimally Invasive Procedures

Emergency Services

You have a dental emergency if:
-Tooth pain is severe in nature or keeps you up at night
-Broken tooth/teeth from trauma
-Broken teeth that are cutting the tongue or cheek and causing heavy bleeding
-A temporary tooth in the front of the mouth that has fallen off or broken
-Swellings in or around the mouth and/or face
*Dr. Marcus is available 24 hours via email