Why You Probably Shouldn’t Use Mail-Order Aligners

Recently, companies have started popping up that offer to straighten your teeth completely from home, without going to a dentist’s office. It sounds like a tempting offer, but don’t be fooled; mail-order aligners can be dangerous, and they might even damage your teeth rather than fixing them.

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What Are Mail-Order Aligners?

Generally, a mail-order alignment company will ask you to mail in an impression of your teeth. Then they will mail you back a set of alignment trays that they claim will straighten your teeth at a professional level for half the price.

But the teeth straightening process is complicated, which is why dental professionals need specific certification to become qualified dentist. So if a company boasts that you can get straight teeth without ever setting foot in a dentist’s office, you should be cautious.

What’s Wrong With Mail-Order Aligners?

So what’s wrong with the convenience of mail-order aligners? They may seem like a great option, particularly for people who don’t enjoy going to the dentist’s office, but there are several drawbacks to the system.

You Won’t Have Access to a Qualified Dentist

Mail-order aligners may have medical professionals on staff, but these people won’t be able to meet with you in person to address your specific needs.

When you’re using traditional braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, clear ceramic braces, or any other teeth-straightening tools, it’s very important to be able to regularly meet with your dentist in-person.

You need to be able to customize your treatment, adjust brackets and aligners, and make sure the teeth-straightening process is moving forward correctly. You can’t do these things properly when you don’t have in-person access to a qualified professional.

Treatment Options are Limited

When you work with a dentist in person, they will be able to give you a treatment plan that’s designed just for you. Your teeth are unique, so your straightening process should be too.

Mail-order aligners don’t have the luxury of offering customizable straightening options; you’ll often only have one treatment option, regardless of what your dental needs might be. Remember, there are many more treatment options than what mail-order companies can offer!

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Mail-Order Technology Is Often Behind the Times

There’s only so much technology that can be shipped in the mail, and that technology is often out of date. Today’s dental technology uses cutting-edge scanners, x-rays, and more to make sure your dentist knows your teeth from top to bottom. This helps them give you the precise treatment you need.

The aligners that mail-order companies ship to you don’t represent the best of what dental technology can do for you, which means you’ll likely be getting worse treatment than your family or friends.

. . . And You Might Pay for It Later

When you use limited technology and don’t have access to a qualified dentist, you can experience negative consequences that could set you back rather than improving your smile.

From the beginning of your mail-order process, you’re asked to make your teeth impressions yourself—and if you get that wrong in any way, the rest of your treatment will be based on imperfect impressions.

A mismatched aligner can erode your gums and shift your teeth out of position, which can be painful as well as expensive to fix. The danger of using mail-order aligners to avoid going to the dentist’s office is that you might end up spending even more time and money later to repair the damage!

The following stories outline some of the dangers that can come from mail order teeth straightening:




For Straighter, Healthier Teeth, See Your Dentist in Person!

Mail-order aligners might seem convenient, but they come with significant risks. For teeth that are not only straight but healthy as well, contact us for an Invisalign® treatment today!

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