Vivera Retainers

We offer Vivera® Retainers to help protect your beautiful smile. Vivera Retainers provide retention you can rely on after completion of Invisalign, conventional braces with wires and brackets, or to prevent your teeth from further crowding.
Vivera Retainers are offered as a set of four custom retainers and provide the following benefits:
  • 30% stronger than other clear retainers – Retainers need to be strong enough to maintain tooth position and correct minor relapse if necessary. Vivera retainers can self-correct back to the final position on certain types of minor relapse.
  • Durable – Do the retainers you currently use last?  Many leading retainer materials begin to deform after as little as two months of use.  You may be wearing retainers that aren’t protecting your smile.
  • Retention Philosophy – It is important to have the confidence that your retainer is providing consistent working retention. Vivera Retainers come with four sets of custom retainers for four times the retention.
  • Captures images of your teeth digitally (iTero) and is kept on file for future use
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