Treating the Underserved

We volunteered our time to provide dental health care to the underserved population of Granada, Nicaragua through the non-profit organization For Nicaraguan Health  Although the physical facilities were far from adequate or functional we delivered excellent dental services to approximately 133 patients in one week.  Services provided included professional dental cleanings, dental fillings, root canals, extractions and preventitive services such as sealants and educating patients on oral health.

It  was our pleasure to have participated with this prestigious dental team that comes from all around the U.S.A and we look forward to participating with this organization in the future to continue making a difference in the oral health of the less previleged population.

Andrea Gutierrez and Carla Chavez in Nicaragua treating the underserved

Andrea giving local anesthesia

Andrea giving local anesthesia

Nicaragua mission trip

Nicaragua mission trip 8

Nicaragua mission trip 9

Nicaragua mission trip 10


Nicaragua mission trip 7

Carla Chavez giving Oral Hygiene Instructions



Nicaragua mission trip 3

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