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TOOTH PAIN IS NO REASON TO MISS OUT ‘Tis a fact. When ye teeth hurteth, thy grades suffereth. Translation: Kids with poor oral health are nearly 3X more likely to miss school. * Luckily, poor oral health is preventable with a good oral care routine that starts with Crest. *Based on a 2008 North Carolina Health...

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Caries Risk Assessment Can Predict Future Caries Risk in Children 6 Years of Age or Younger

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A retrospective analysis1 of electronic patient records (n=3,810 baseline; n=1,315 with follow-up; years 2009 through 2015) from a university pediatric dental clinic showed that formal caries risk assessment was associated with prediction of future caries risk in patients 6 years of age or younger. The 17 caries risk assessment items are listed in the following table. Risk Indicators Protective Items Clinical Findings  Bottle use in bed  Daily...

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